Average Auto Insurance Rates by Age in United States

Average Auto Insurance Rates by Age in the United States

Today, we’re going to be talking about how age affects car insurance rates. In general, younger drivers pay more for car insurance than older, more experienced drivers. Car insurance is most expensive for 16-year-olds, who pay an average of around $3,000 per year for coverage. 

By comparison, premiums for 55-year-olds only cost on average less than $700annually. This price gap is due to the fact that young drivers tend to have the most traffic accidents, and are usually more reckless than older drivers. As a result, younger drivers are more expensive to insure. Rates typically go down when a driver turns 25 years old, and they steadily decrease until the age of 55. After that, premiums start to rise again, as older drivers pose a higher risk than middle-aged drivers. 

A person’s age is one of the most significant influencers on car insurance rates, along with the driving record. Even though you can’t do anything to change how your age affects your rate, there are other ways to lower your coverage costs. You can improve your driving record or drive a car that’s cheaper to insure to save on premiums. You can also limit the amount of coverage that you buy and look for discounts from your insurer. Finally, you should shop around for coverage and compare quotes from at least three insurers in order to make sure that you get the best deal. Luckily, we can help you get started. To check out the website's guide to finding cheap car insurance, thanks for visiting our sites. 

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