Great News! Stimulus Check Update for all Social Security | SSI & SSDI | 2021 - 2022

           Great News! Stimulus Check Update for all Social Security | SSI & SSDI

Okay so i actually have really big news about the stimulus package for seniors ssi ssdi recipients and everyone on social security and also veterans okay so the big news about the social security 1400 stimulus check is that the senior citizens league now has over 70,000$ signatures so i'm gonna leave a link in the description box where you can go and sign the petition if you like they had when i first started covering this they had about 30,000$ signatures and i thought to myself this is pretty pathetic i mean there's 65 million people on social security benefits but it's moving along 70,000 signatures 1400 stimulus check it's not here yet but that could be coming because as the signatures keep growing so does the push behind this stimulus check second thing i want to address is it's medicare season and anybody who's on medicare knows that the cola increase has really pissed off a lot of people because now they're paying more and more for medicare actually got off a phone off the phone with someone who was 63 years old so not quite you know 65 for medicare age but on disability.

This means you're on medicare after two years they were going to be paying 450 dollars per month for just their supplement plan that doesn't include the medicare part b which is a hundred and forty-eight dollars and fifty cents in this year so I had to switch them to another plan then I've also spoken to many seniors who their prices are just four hundred dollars five hundred dollars they're on a fixed income they can't afford it now for disability as far as the increase is concerned it hurt a lot of people as I see in the comments as opposed to helping them because now they got more for their cost of living increase but that shoved them out of certain benefits that they would have been receiving so keep leaving those comments in the comments below because I do start to understand more and more about how much people are paying for their prescription drugs their medicare and 

so forth so this social security thing that's kind of locked in with medicare and other resources you end up losing money i've seen people in the comments that have left about how much they get for groceries and so forth and as we know all of these people are on a fixed income so with the stimulus package the 3.5 trillion that's going on as i said before if you're reading about it there's not a lot of things in there as far as seniors veterans and social security recipients so we're still fighting for the cause to get this stimulus package passed i'm still hopeful for it some of my articles have been a little bit down and then i actually got a letter from the senior citizens league you know thanking me for signing the petition again and of course they want another donation from me but still they're telling me that things are going well 70,000$ signatures which i was shocked that's 40,000$ more in in less than a month so if we can double that and keep going with it we should be in good shape so thanks for reading the my article i hope this update helped we're still going with this we're still fighting strong leave your comments in the comments below and i'll see the next topic 

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