Fourth Stimulus Check Update 2021 - 2022 | $2,000 Checks Were Passed | Check Deposit Dates | Signed Stimulus Coming

 Fourth Stimulus Check Update  2021 - 2022 | $2,000 Checks Were Passed | Check Deposit Dates | Signed Stimulus Coming

Hey everyone, The 5.9% Cola increase will mean larger checks for seniors. However, lawmakers and economists are very concerned about how much these benefits will actually increase. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has announced a new deadline to pass Biden's social spending bill. This is your daily news report and fourth stimulus check. Update. Friends, please make sure that you are subscribed to my website and read until the end of this article to learn how to enter this coming Friday's.

$100 Walmart Gift Card Giveaway now on NDAA the Defense Act Madam President, we begin an important week for what will be an important final month of 2021. Later today, the Senate will vote on cloture on the substitute amendment to the NDAA. NDAA has been passed by this Chamber for over 60 years, and there's no good reason why this year should be any different. Before Thanksgiving, the Senate worked in a bipartisan way as it could to lay the groundwork for advancing the defense bill. Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Reid and ranking member Inhoff reached an agreement, a bipartisan agreement on a package of 18 amendments.

Let me repeat that. 18 amendment folks, for the Senate, to hold roll call votes on nearly half of those amendments were led by a Republican. That would be more amendments to the NDAA receiving roll call votes than in the last four years combined. We also agreed to the substitute amendment, which included at least 50 amendments, 27 of which were led by a Republican Senator Inhofe the ranking member of the Armed Services Committee agreed to this at any other time. This would be considered a very fair and generous compromise, even though every member didn't get every amendment they wanted, the leadership on both sides would have made sure that Clojure was granted.

Unfortunately, Republicans could not accept this agreement before Thanksgiving, but we hope that Republican dysfunction will not be a roadblock to passing this bill and taking care of our troops and their families.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said today that he will bring President Biden's spending bill to the Senate floor once a parliamentarian finishes reviewing it and that his goal is to pass a roughly $2 trillion bill by the end of the year, Chuck Schumer said from the Senate floor. Once this necessary work is completed with the Parliamentarian, I will bring the President's build-back better legislation to the floor so we can pass it as soon as possible and send it to the president's desk. Our goal continues to be to get this done before Christmas.

Chuck Schumer's comments come after the House passed a climate and social spending bill before a weeklong Thanksgiving break. But now the bill faces hurdles in the Senate, where Democrats' 50 seat majority leaves them with no room for error and needing total unity. Plus Vice President Kamala Harris in the chair to break a tie in order to both start debate on the bill and pass it so lawmakers are facing an end of the year crunch with a backed-up legislative todo list, including funding the US government, raising the debt ceiling, and passing a defense bill that is currently stuck in limbo because of a Stanley on voting on potential changes.

Chuck Schumer did not specify what week he'll try to bring the climate and social spending bill to the floor. Democrats are holding talks this week with the Senate Parliamentarian, who offers guidance on whether provisions in the bill comply with Senate budget rules that govern what can be included. Congress also faces a December 3 deadline to fund the US government, and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has warned that it needs to raise the nation's borrowing limit by December 15, 2021, even as Chuck Schumer vowed on Monday to pass a bill by the end of this year.

The Social Security Administration has announced a historic cost of living adjustment of 5.9% that will be applied to all benefits for the year 2022. The increase makes history as the highest offered to seniors in over 40 years, and it's mostly because of a result of higher than normal inflation brought on by multiple factors resulting from this crisis. The annual boost of monthly payments will help go some way towards keeping seniors and disabled recipients from losing purchasing power. However, much of this increase is likely to be offset by a similar rise in the cost of goods and Medicare.

Many of you have asked when the hike will take effect. The boost will benefit around 70 million people who receive either Social Security or Supplemental Security Income. It will go into effect on December 30, 2021, when about 8 million SSI recipients will see their first payments based on the Cola 2022. The remaining beneficiaries can expect their first check, with the increase reflected in January of 2022. The estimated average for a retired worker will be about $92 more, beginning with their January payment, bringing the new average up to $1,657.

The maximum monthly payment for those who reach full retirement age in 2022 will be $3,345. The new federal payment standard for SSI monthly checks will be $841 for individuals and 1261 for couples, which is an increase of $47 and $70. The increase in annual Cola is calculated using the Consumer Price Index for urban wage earners and clerical workers. And to counter high inflation, the Federal Reserve could raise interest rates. However, many worry that this could disproportionately affect economically vulnerable people. While interest rates increase and money stops flowing through the economy so swiftly.

Unemployment typically increases. Great fears remain for the strength of the US economy after some disappointing economic growth has been seen in recent months. Thank you so many friends for visiting our site. I truly appreciate all of you who are reading my articles. Thank you so much friends and have a very blessed week.

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