$2,000 Fourth Stimulus Check | Fourth Stimulus Check, $2000 Stimulus Check, Or Additional Stimulus Checks Focused On Low Income

 $2,000 Fourth Stimulus Check | Fourth Stimulus Check, $2000 Stimulus Check, Or Additional Stimulus Checks Focused On Low Income

$2000 fourth stimulus check-in 2022. My honest opinion on this topic. And do I actually think we're going to receive something, or are they just going to leave us treading water all by ourselves? I have the answer for you on this topic, so let's get into it right now. But if you haven't done so, or if you're new here, make sure to subscribe to our site so I can keep you updated every single day as information is changing very rapidly.

So here we are, just a few weeks into 2022 so far. And while it has been an interesting year at that. Right. Well, I also do think that a lot of us in this community are wondering, are they going to offer some kind of relief? Are we going to be getting a fourth stimulus check?

Are we going to be getting some kind of financial assistance this year? If so, are we going to get a stimulus check? How much is it going to be? $2,000.01, $400.01, $200, $600, $2. What are they going to do for us?

Right. So there's a lot of outstanding questions out there right now, and I want to come back and offer you my honest opinion where I'm currently sitting right now in regards to a fourth stimulus check or some kind of financial relief this year, and is something actually going to come down or is this it? Are we just going to be sitting here treading water by ourselves? Well, either way, we've got to look at this very closely, because here's the thing. There are multiple different ways and catalysts that could actually produce another stimulus check or some kind of financial relief going forward.

And I want to discuss that in this video as well. So let's talk through this as we do have a lot to talk about on this topic. Now, here's the deal. I do know that a lot of you down in the comments section are wondering the same things that I've been wondering as well. And the same thing that we're going to be covering in this topic right here is what's going on?

Are we getting something? Are we not just make it clear, like it's either a yes or a no, what's going on here? So honestly, when it comes to Congress and the administration, we don't have all those answers yet, right? It is still up in the air. I do know that I see some of your comments down below and saying things like, they've made it very clear we're not getting it.

Okay. Really? If so, please show me the sources. I've not seen any sources that have come out saying definitively yes or no, I've not seen that. Okay.

If you have those sources, please provide them to me, because I'd like to see them myself. I have not seen anything that says definitively yes or definitively no. They've hinted around both directions. We've seen multiple different lawmakers coming out advocating for additional stimulus and relief. And we've also seen some come out and say no, we don't need it.

So again, it's on both sides. So we've seen a lot of that. Anyway, let's quickly talk through this and discuss where we currently stand with all of this and what are some of these catalysts that I'm talking about. Now, here's the thing. Let's quickly discuss the obvious, the COVID situation right now.

I think a lot of us are looking at the COVID situation, me included, looking at this, thinking, okay, this could easily be the next catalyst, as in the next motivator behind the next stimulus check. Yeah, it certainly could be. But there are other factors out there right now that we also need to look at that I think many of us may not be looking at very closely. Number one, could be the stock market. Again, we don't talk about it all that much here on the channel, but we do talk about it occasionally.

And this is something we got to watch because as of lately, it's not doing very well. If you've been watching it, it's been going down quite a bit lately. And I watch the market very closely because the market is a leading indicator as to what the economy is doing. And it gives us a very good glimpse into what's going to be going forward. Just like back in 2007, 2008, the market started to crater, and all of a sudden, shortly thereafter, what happened?

Well, we had the great financial crisis. Right. And we also had the housing bust. And then shortly thereafter, guess what happened in 2009? Yes, we got stimulus checks.

20 08, 20 09. We got stimulus checks. Do you remember that? It had nothing to do with COVID. Covid wasn't even a thing back then.

It was all based around the stock market. Remember that? Yeah, I do. So kind of an interesting situation. So this is something else that we need to watch very closely.

And again, I don't want to go into tons of detail here because I know that a lot of you don't really care about the stock market, but it is something that we need to watch, because if this thing falls off a cliff, which it probably will, let's just be honest, it will crash and burn again one of these days, probably more than it already is right now. I mean, let's just be real. It's the natural cycle of the markets. They boom and they bust. It's the same thing.

It happens all the time. And we will see it again in a huge, huge way. If that happens, when that happens, what do they need to do again, at that time. They need to pump the economy full of cash. And that's what they do every single time to bring it back.

Back. So that's what they did back in early 2020 when everything was closing down as a result of the COVID situation. They pumped it up with a bunch of cash. And that's what they did to revitalize the economy. So this is something we got to watch very closely, even though we might not care about the stock market all that much.

Next, we also have to watch the COVID situation. And again, I know this is the obvious one, but I've said it so many times in previous videos with the current landscape and as COVID continues to spread as rapidly as it is right now, if we continue to see more business closures, cancellations of flights, cancellations of concerts and venues and events and whatever else, who knows what I mean? There's all kinds of meetings, big gatherings, things like this. As we see more of this starting to be canceled, postponed and business closures and restrictions, and people not coming into work because they're sick or whatever. So businesses closing simply because they don't have the staffing.

This is all causing economic impacts, right? There are negative implications of all of this, because all the times that these businesses are not able to open or cancelations of events, concerts and all these other big gathering type things, anytime that this stuff happens, it's all that money that should have been flowing into the economy. That's not right. Therefore, there's a lot of economic impact in a negative way going forward because of all this money that should have been spent going into the economy. That's not going into it anymore.

Right. So that's why I've got to watch this also very closely. So I want to lay some of this out. And again, there are also many other catalysts that we could be looking at. But I don't want to go into all these details simply because there's just no really need to go into 50 different catalysts as to why.

Because at the same time, on the other hand, I could also give you 50 other catalysts as to why there might not be something. Right. So it's all just this continuous spectrum going on saying, well, on this side, we have this many reasons. On this side, we have this many reasons why we should or should not. Right?

So it's all kind of laying out there right now. But let's circle back now and talk about what is my honest opinion on a fourth stimulus check here's where we currently stand right now. I'm completely shocked that they haven't offered something already. I'm seriously, completely shocked with everything going on right now, with the Covid situation, with the closers of businesses, cancellations of so many different things going on right now, the packages that are currently on the table, the build back better, the one from the administration that we've been talking about a little bit lately, with everything that Congress can currently do right now, the midterm elections here in a few months, the election cycle starting all of these things. Democrats, again, I don't take sides in my topics.

I'm just simply telling you what is going on right now. But honestly, Democrats losing a lot of support across of many different things here. Congress as a whole. The president's approval rating cratering. There's so many different things going on right now.

If Democrats want to continue to hold all the seats that they do in the Senate and in the house going into the midterm elections, they got to do something. And again, this is not me taking sides. This is what is actually going on right now. You can read this all for yourself out there right now. There's a ton of different people that are talking about this that Democrats really need to do something right now if they want to maintain control later this year after the midterm election.

Right. So this is something that we have to watch very closely. So with all of this on the table right now, I'm completely shocked that they have not offered something. Even just floating the idea would give a ton of confidence in the people. Right.

Even if they didn't follow through. Just like so many other bills and proposals and so many other things that they've talked about. Again, all parties do it. I'm not pointing the finger at any party in particular. It's all people in Congress, right?

They've all done it. My point is even just floating the idea would offer some kind of excitement and give the people a little bit of hope that something was actually coming, even if they didn't follow through. Like the other 50 bills and proposals and ideas that they floated out there that never actually did anything like the $200 raise that we saw back in early 2020. Remember that one? Yeah, of course.

That was a great one where it was a great proposal. We were all very excited and then they pulled the rug out and said, oh, just kidding. Not happening. Right? So my point is, even if they didn't have any intentions of doing something, Just even floating the idea of additional stimulus would give us a ton of excitement and it would also give us a ton of hope that maybe, just maybe they're thinking about us and maybe they'll actually do something for us even if they didn't follow through, which I don't agree with.

I feel like if you're going to talk about something and you're going to throw some ideas and proposals, you got to follow through. Right. I feel like follow-through is so incredibly important, especially when maintaining the trust of the people that you're relying on. Right. So that's why I've said so many times in my previous topics right here on the site.

I'm always focused on honesty, accuracy, reliability, and transparency because I feel like that is so incredibly important to continue maintaining your trust right here on the site as well. So that's is something that's very important to me. And like I've been saying, with the lawmakers, even for them, just following through with something, even if it was a $600 stimulus check, it wouldn't even cost that much money. Seriously, let's be real. A $600 stimulus check, even though it wouldn't cost that much money, and even if they narrowed the parameters down to, say, people earning $40,000 or $50,000, something like that, it would not cost that much money. And it would give us a little glimmer of hope and show that, hey, we're actually doing something for you people. We're offering a $600 stimulus check. It's not much, but it's at least a little bone that we can throw to people a little something to chew on for a little while. Right. It wouldn't last long, but at the end of the day, it would at least give us something versus nothing. Right? So that's kind of what I'm saying here is Congress has so many things at their disposal that they could do right here, right now in the form of all these packages that are outstanding right now or even a stand-alone bill.

It wouldn't need to be a $2,000 check. It wouldn't need to be one $400. It wouldn't need to be $200. It wouldn't even need to be 1000. It could be 600, like it was simulation check number two. Now, don't get me wrong. Am I saying that they should give us a $600 check? Well, it'd be better than zero, but at the end of the day, it certainly needs to be far more than that 1204 hundred 2000. That would be much more desirable. But my point is, even something 600 would be way better than zero. It would be something. It would offer some kind of relief. And even if they offered the parameters as far as who could be eligible for it, narrowed down significantly to even, like I said, 40, $50,000 of income, it would not cost that much money. I have not run the numbers on it yet. Just being honest with you right now, I have not run the numbers on that. But it would be probably doing some rough mental math. Maybe $50 billion or less. It would not be that much. Seriously, it would be so insignificant considering how much money is spent on other things out there that are just like who knows what to Peel off 50 or $60 billion.

Again, I haven't done the math on it. I'm just simply throwing out some numbers based on other calculations that we've done. It would not cost much at all. Right, so that's kind of my point here. But anyway, circling back, giving you my honest opinion, I do honestly think that there will still be something for a variety of reasons. For all the reasons that I just laid out in this topics, plus some others that I have not laid out in this topic, I'm surprised. I'm completely shocked they have not offered something yet. And I do think it's only a matter of time until they come out and say, okay, we're going to swallow our pride here. We've said who knows what we've said, whatever they've even said. There's a lot of things that they've said. But my point is, even though they have not necessarily come out and addressed it, I think it's still only going to be a matter of time until they come out and say, okay, fine, we give in. We're going to give blank dollars, whatever it happens to be. And again, I could be completely wrong. I could be 100% wrong.

They could come out and offer nothing for the next forever eternity. They could offer absolutely nothing. Or they could come out and say, okay, here's what we've done. We're going to offer monthly checks. Anything could happen. Anything could happen at this time. So just based on everything that I'm seeing and everything going on right now, this is kind of what I anticipate. And again, I'm completely shocked that they have not offered something yet. It just completely surprises me that they haven't offered a very focused stimulus check focused on the lowest income individuals. Right? As I've been saying for so many months now, $40,000 of income, $50,000 of income tops. People with income higher than that, for the most part, don't need the checks. It's the lower-income, 40,000 50,000 at the absolute most are the people who actually need it. Now don't get me wrong, I do know that some people who earn 60, 70, $80,000 probably need a check. But the vast majority don't. Right? So anyway, I'm going to continue watching everything closely. I hope this lays it out a little bit more closely. As far as what I'm actually watching right now and where I currently stand with this, I honestly believe it's only a matter of time until we get one.

That's all it's going to take is one Senator like a Bernie Sanders, by the way, I think it's only going to take one of these people to say, hey, I got a brainstorm, I've got a great idea. I think we need to offer a stimulus check because secretly they know that we have to offer something because otherwise it's going to be an ugly situation going forward. So I think that's what they're honestly thinking within themselves. But reality is they're going to come out and be like, oh, it's a bad situation. A lot of people are struggling. We need to offer a stimulus check and that's what's going to start it anyway. I could be totally wrong. I could be right. I don't really know. Only time is going to tell. But this is me being honest with you, letting you know where I currently stand with all this right now. And this is what I'm looking at. So it's all very highly correlated. The market, the COVID situation, the economy, all of these data points that we've been seeing coming out, the employment numbers, the unemployment numbers, the jobs reports, all of it is highly correlated.

We have to watch it all very, very closely. So hope this answers some questions. Hope this gives you an idea of where I'm looking, what I'm looking at, what I've been seeing out there, and where I currently stand with all of this. Let's just hope that somebody's right here, honestly, I don't really care if I'm right or wrong. All I want is some relief for the people. So that's all I really care about is getting some relief to many of you in this community who need it so incredibly badly. I see your comments down below. It's tough out there. Yes, seriously, let's be real, right? So anyway, I hope this helps you out again. 

 Thank you for being in the fan club.

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