Good! Just Released! Stimulus Package Update - Voting Today - SSA, SSDI, Medicare | Social Security, SSDI, Medicare Beneficiaries, An Update On The Stimulus Package

 Good! Just Released! Stimulus Package Update - Voting Today - SSA, SSDI, Medicare | Social Security, SSDI, Medicare Beneficiaries, An Update On The Stimulus Package

Some good news on some information that was just released. Also, some more good news on Social Security, retirement, disability, SSDI survivors, and Medicare beneficiaries. Also, we have some new information on the newly revised stimulus package and the bill that the House of Representatives is going to be voting on today, and how all of that is going to impact us. Let's get right into it.  Let's quickly buzz through what the House of Representatives will be voting on today with what they're calling a very important bill. So this is actually called the Competes Act. It's going to be shuffling billions of dollars into helping alleviate the supply chain issues, which ultimately will help alleviate some of the inflation, as they're calling it. So we'll have to see what actually happens with this.

But this is going to be voting on today in the House of Representatives, and then it will go over to the Senate. And maybe this will be something that eventually will help us out with a little bit of the inflation and these rapidly rising prices that we're seeing going on right here, right now, which, by the way, side note, next week we will be getting the next reading on inflation for the month of January. That will be a very interesting one because over the last few months here, we've been seeing the inflation numbers continue to creep up very fast here. In fact, in the month of December, it was 7%. So we'll have to see what January comes in at because at the rate that it's going right here if we could be in the mid 7%. But again, we won't know that until mid-next week. And of course, I'll bring you that information as we do get it. All right. Let's quickly talk about the stimulus package and the new information that we now have. So as we all know, because we've been talking about this a little bit lately, Joe Manchin is one of the main guys behind the construction of this next stimulus package.

He's the one who continues to say, I'm open to negotiations. I'm here. I'm willing to talk. Let's get this done. Let's go for it. While he also came out recently, and they're now referring to this new stimulus package as the skinny bill, which actually is not the first time. Remember, back in the summer, I believe it was of 2020. This summer. Back then, they had a bill that they were going through. There were actually multiple proposals that summer, if you remember back then, we were talking about it every single day about that stuff. But anyway, during that time, they had multiple different bills on the table. And one of them was actually called the skinny bill as well. Of course, nothing ever happened with it. But now they're back at it once again and calling the newly revised stimulus package the skinny bill. So kind of funny how that comes all-around full circle once again. But sorry, just a quick side note on that one. So here's what we're learning. Joe Manchin wants to drop all of the tax cuts from back in 2017. So if you remember, back in 2017, they passed a massive bill which ultimately lowered taxes for corporations, for small businesses.

It did a lot of different things for lowering taxes. In fact, it lowered the corporate tax rate from whatever it was. Honestly, I don't even know what it was at the time. But now it's down at 21%. Well, Joe Manchin wants to lift that back up to 25%, which would still be below what it was previously. I believe it was at 29%. Again, I could be wrong with that. Honestly, I don't remember what it was back before prior to 2017. But anyway, he wants to have the job or the tax cuts from back in 2017 that were as a result of that massive bill back then. He wants that to be rolled back and he wants the corporate tax rate to go back up to about 25%. So this is one of the major provisions that Joe Manchin wants out of this next stimulus package. And why would he want taxes to go up? Well, to help pay for the bill. Right. Because as of right now, they continue to tell us that the whole bill is completely paid for by the wealthy, the super-rich, all this stuff right here. We've been hearing this for a long time now, but Joe Manchin does want some of those tax cuts to be rolled back once again.

And we'll see if any of this stuff actually happens with all the negotiations out of this. But this is something else that we just learned about the stimulus package. And remember, they continue to work on this thing. Well, they're continuing to work on it. I don't know about every day, but they are certainly working on it. And we're getting a little bit of updates here and there going forward. And they're still kind of trying to figure out how they're going to approach this going forward because they do want this bill passed before the end of this month. Well, we're already a few days into the month, and it's the shortest month of the year. So here we are. And they want to get this thing done before March 1. So again, I'll keep you posted as we do get those details. All right. Let's talk about another good piece of information that came out early this morning, and then we can talk about Social Security, retirement survivors SSDI, and of course, Medicare. All right, so this morning we had the nonfarm payrolls number be released. Now, this is the number that is released once per month.

And it gives us a reading on the jobs market from the previous month. So the month in question here is January. So the January jobs number came out at 467,000 new jobs were created in the month of January. Now, this is actually a much higher number than what they were actually anticipating. Analysts were actually anticipating 207,000 jobs to be created. So they beat the estimates by what, 260,000? Yes, that's pretty good right there. Right. Well, at the same time leading into this report, we saw on Wednesday that the ADP numbers were showing a cut of 301,000 jobs. So you can see quite the divergence here. Right? That's a spread of what, 767,000 or 767, 68,000? It's a huge spread there between those numbers. But either way, the official number came in this morning at 467,000 new jobs created in the month of January. At the same time, here's the number that's a little bit suspicious and a little fishy. But again, that's just me looking at this and what do I know? I'm just some random dude. Right. But here's the deal. In December, we got a jobs number of 199,000. However, they revised it from 199 up to a little over $500,000.

So magically they waved their magic wand and boom, 300,000 jobs just appeared that they didn't know about previously. I don't know. Again, seems a little weird to me. But what do I know? I'm just some random guy. Right. But again, you never know. It just seems a little bit weird that they didn't happen to see 300,000 jobs that were there a month ago. And now, magically, they just appeared. So anyway, just saying, and even what's interesting, too is this morning right away, I was listening into a couple of different market news stations that follow this stuff very closely. And even the commentators there were like this looks a little suspicious. So again, just saying whatever. I'm not here to give opinions. I'm not here to tell you what to think, anything like that. I'm just saying it just seems kind of weird. But anyway, these are the numbers that came out this morning. All right. Let's quickly talk about Social Security, retirement, SSDI survivors, and Medicare beneficiaries. And this good news that just came out just recently. So remember about what was it? Maybe two weeks ago, maybe two and a half weeks ago or so, I was out in a topic and said, hey, you can start getting free at Home Covid tests and your insurance will start paying.

However, look out because Medicare does not pay for them. Well, now we have confirmation out of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that they will start paying for at Home Covet tests. However, here's the catch. And pay attention to this, please, just so that you don't get caught with a bill, they're going to start paying for these in early spring. They did not give a specific date as to when they will start paying for these, but they did say in early spring they will start paying for these at Home Covet tests. Well, I looked at my calendar and the first day of spring is March 20. So any time after March 20 would technically be early spring. Right. But again, I would caution you this much. Don't go running out and buying at Home Covetous. I mean, by all means, if you want to do that, feel free. You're welcome to do anything you want. I'm just saying if you want to avoid paying for them though, just be very careful about this. Because if you buy it now and you try to be reimbursed, they're going to say, sorry, we don't have the infrastructure put in place quite yet.

We cannot reimburse you. So if that is something that you want to do, you can always use the website. I've talked about it previously in a few videos. It's. Covidtests.Gov and you can order free COVID tests for at home and they'll be sent right to your door. So again, covidtest.Gov, you can go onto that website and you can order free Covidtest. Otherwise, I do have a phone number too. I just thought of this. If you want, you can call the 1800 number and you can talk to somebody. If you do not have access to the Internet or if it's just easier for you to call and talk to somebody, you can do that as well. I'll give you that phone number really quickly and then we can get back into this and talk about it a little bit more. So the phone number is 1802-323-0233. Let me say that again one more time. 180-232-0233. That's the number. In fact, I just called it in one of my topics the other day. We were on the topic and I pulled out my phone and I called the number right there in the topic. So if you happen to catch that topic, that is the number I just gave you again. So 180-232-0233 is the number where you can call and you can talk to somebody and they can hopefully help you get those Covidtest ordered. So again, if you want, you can check that out. But otherwise, starting in early spring, again, I did not see a specific date. They did not even give us specific date. But they said in early spring. So whether that's March 21, whether it's April 2, whether it's April 15, honestly, I don't really know what they're considering April, what they're considering early spring. But that's all they said to us right now as we get closer to that date, because that's out what is that, five, six weeks from there? Now that's out from us. So as soon as we get closer to that date, I'm guessing they'll give us some more specific answer on that.

And of course, I can report that to you, but that's kind of good because a lot of people are getting pushed back saying, what about us? There's about 63 million Medicare beneficiaries out there right now. So all of these people who maybe wanted at Home Covidtest all of a sudden can't go out and get them. That doesn't seem fair, right? Meanwhile, all of these other private insurers are paying for them. I don't know, something seemed weird about it, but it's finally nice that they stepped up to the plate and said, okay, we'll start paying for these, but again, you got to wait maybe another six or so weeks. But again, if you want those free tests, go to the website I gave you or call that 1800 number I just gave you as well. And you can connect with somebody who will help you get those tests. So some interesting information, some good updates on the jobs number, some good updates on the covid test for these millions of beneficiaries who previously maybe didn't get them for free. And also some other updates on the stimulus package. And of course, as we get more information on the stimulus package, the votes, any commentary out of anybody out of the Senate lawmakers, the administration, anybody like this?

 I'll catch you later.

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